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EtherCAT Box
EPxxxx | Industrial housing
EPPxxxx | Industrial housing
EPP1xxx | EtherCAT P Box modules with digital inputs
EPP1111-0000 | EtherCAT P Box with ID switch
EPP1321-0060 | 1-channel EtherCAT to EtherCAT P supply module
EPP1322-0001 | EtherCAT P junction with feed-in
EPP1332-0001, EPP1342-0001 | EtherCAT P junctions
EPP1518-0002 | 2-channel up/down counter 24 V DC, 1 kHz, 32 bit
EPP2xxx | EtherCAT P Box modules with digital outputs
EPP3174, EPP3184 | EtherCAT P Box modules with configurable analog inputs
EPP3204-0002 | 4-channel analog input Pt100 (RTD)
EPP3314-0002 | 4-channel analog input thermocouple
EPP3504-0023 | 4-channel measuring bridge, (SG) full/half/quarter bridge, 24 bit, 10 ksps
Product group: EtherCAT P Box modules
Product overview
Notes to short documentation
CoE overview
General access to online CoE values
0x10E2 Manufacturer-specific Identification Code
0x10F3 Diagnosis History
0x60n0 PAI Status Ch.[n+1]
0x60n1 PAI Samples Ch.[n+1] (24 Bit)
0x60n2 PAI Samples Ch.[n+1] (16 Bit)
0x60n3 PAI Samples Ch.[n+1] (REAL32)
0x60n5 PAI Timestamp Ch.[n+1]
0x60n6 PAI Synchronous Oversampling Ch.[n+1]
0x70n0 PAI Control Ch.[n+1]
0x80n0 PAI Settings Ch.[n+1]
0x80n1 PAI Filter 1 Settings Ch.[n+1]
0x80n3 PAI Filter 2 Settings Ch.[n+1]
0x80n6 PAI Scaler Settings Ch.[n+1]
0x80nA PAI Extended Settings Ch.[n+1]
0x80nE PAI User Calibration Ch.[n+1]
0x80nF PAI Vendor Calibration Data Ch.[n+1]
0x90n0 PAI Internal Data Ch.[n+1]
0x90n2 PAI Info Data Ch.[n+1]
0x90nF PAI Calibration Dates Ch.[n+1]
0xF000 Modular device profile
0xF008 Code word
0xF009 Password Protection
0xF010 Module list
0xF083 BTN
0xF900 PAI Info Data
0xF912 Filter info
0xFB00 PAI Command
0x80n0:01 PAI Settings.Interface
Sample programs
Commissioning on EtherCAT Master
Mounting and wiring
EPP3632-0001 | 2-channel interface for Condition Monitoring (IEPE), 16 bit
EPP3744-x041 | EtherCAT P Box modules with pressure inputs
EPP3752-0000 | 2 x 3-axis accelerometers
EPP4174-0002 | 4-channel analog output ±10 V or 0/4…20 mA, parameterisable, 16 bit
EPP4314-1002 | 2-channel analog input + 2-channel analog output ±10 mA / ±20 mA
EPP4374-0002 | EtherCAT P Box with analog inputs and outputs
EPP5xxx | EtherCAT P Box modules for Angle and Position Measurement
EPP6001-0002 | 1-channel serial interface (RS232 / RS422 / RS485)
EPP6002-0002 | 2-channel serial interface, RS232, RS422/RS485
EPP6228-0022 | IO-Link master
EPP7041-x002 | Stepper motor module 48 V DC with incremental encoder
EPP9001-0060 | EtherCAT P/EtherCAT connector with power transmission
EPP9022-0060 | EtherCAT P Box with diagnostics
EPP9022-9060 | EtherCAT P Box with diagnostics, TwinSAFE SC
EQxxxx | Stainless steel housing
ERxxxx | Zinc die-cast housing
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