FB_KL6581 1:

This function block takes care of communication with the KL6581 EnOcean Bus Terminal. The KL6581 is configured and data exchange with the EnOcean network is started via this block.



bInit : BOOL;
nIdx  : USINT := 1;

bInit: Activates the block that configures the KL6301 and then activates the data exchange.

nIdx: The idx number must be unique for each KL6581, if more than one Bus Terminal per PLC program is used (valid values: 1...64).


bReady     : BOOL;
bBusy      : BOOL;
bError     : BOOL;
iErrorID   : E_KL6581_Err;
str_KL6581 : STR_KL6581;

bReady: The block is ready for sending and receiving data.

bBusy: The block is active.

bError: this output goes TRUE as soon as an error occurs. This error is described via the iErrorId variable.

iErrorID: Describes the error type (see E_KL6581_Err).

str_KL6581: Is linked to the send and receive blocks (see STR_KL6581).


stKL6581_in  : KL6581_Input;
stKL6581_out : KL6581_Output;

stKL6581_in: Is linked to the input addresses of the KL6581 in the System Manager (see KL6581_Input).

stKL6581_out: Is linked to the output addresses of the KL6581 in the System Manager (see KL6581_Output).


Development environment

required TC3 PLC library

TwinCAT v3.1.4020.14

Tc2_EnOcean from v3.3.5.0