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EtherCAT Terminals
EtherCAT System Documentation
Infrastructure for EtherCAT/Ethernet
EL1052, EL1054 | Digital Input Terminals for NAMUR sensors
EL10xx, EL11xx | Digital input terminals
EL1202, EL125x | Digital Input Terminals (2 and 4 channel, Distributed Clocks)
EL125x, EL2258 | 8 channel digital input/output terminal with time stamp
EL1262 | Digital input terminal with oversampling
EL1382 - Digital input terminal thermistors
EL15xx - Up-/Down Counter 24 V DC
EL18xx | Digital HD Input/Output Terminals
EL20xx, EL2124 | Digital Output Terminals
EL2044 | 4 Channel Digital Output Terminal, 24 V DC, 2 A, with extended diagnostics
EL2202, EL2252 - 2-Channel Digital Output Terminal
EL2212 | 2-channel digital output terminal 24…72 V DC with overexcitation, multi-timestamping
EL2262 | 2 Channel Digital Output Terminal with Oversampling
EL2502 | 2 Channel Pulse Width Output Terminal, 24 VDC
EL2502-0010 | 2 Channel Pulse Width Output Terminal, 24 VDC with Timestamp
EL252x | Pulse Train Output Terminal, Incremental Encoder Simulation Terminal (Pulse Train)
EL2535 | 2 Channel Pulse Width Current Terminal 1 A, 24 VDC
EL2564 | EtherCAT Terminal, 4-channel LED output, 5…48 V DC, 4 A, RGBW
EL2595 | 1-channel LED constant current terminal
EL2596, EL2596-0010 | 1 Channel LED Strobe Control Terminal
Product overview
Basics communication
Mounting and wiring
TwinCAT basics
Quick Start
Setting the operation modes
Determination of the output parameters
Automatic determination of the output voltage and display of the characteristic curve
Use of the trigger input
Use of the trigger output
Operation of a multi-color Common Anode LED
Process data
EL2596-xxxx specific diagnostics
Object description and parameterization
Sample programs
General Notes - EtherCAT Slave Application
EL26xx | Relay Output Terminals
EL27xx | EtherCAT terminals with digital switching outputs, solid state
EL28xx-xxxx | 8- / 16-Channel Digital HD Output terminals
EL30xx | Analog Input Terminals (12 bit)
EL31xx-00xx | Analog InputTerminals (16 bit)
EL3182 | 2 Channel Analog Input Terminal (4...20 mA), single-ended, 16 bit, HART
EL32xx-0xx0 | Analog Input Terminals R/RTD (PT100, PT1000, ...)
EL3255 | 5 Channel Potentiometer Measurement with Sensor Supply
EL331x-00x0 | Analog Thermocouple Input Terminals (open-circuit recognition, 1, 2, 4 ch.)
EL3351 - 1 Channel Analog Resistor Bridge Terminal (strain gauge)
EL3356-00x0 | 1 Channel Input Terminal, Precise Resistor Bridge (strain gauge)
EL3403-0xxx | 3-Phase Power Measurement Terminal
EL34x3 | 3-Phase Power Measurement Terminal
EL34xx | 3-phase energy and power measurement terminals
EL3632 | 2 Channel Analog Input Terminal for Condition Monitoring (IEPE)
EL3681 | Digital Multimeter Terminal
EL3692 | 2 Channel Resistance Measurement Terminal, high-precision
EL36xx | Analog Input Terminals (24 Bit)
EL37x2 | 2 channel Analog Input Terminals with oversampling
EL3751 | 1-channel multi-functional input for analog measurement technology, 24 bit, 10 ksps
EL3773 - Power monitoring oversampling
EL3783 | Power monitoring oversampling terminal for 690 V
EL40xx | Analog Output Terminals (12 bit)
EL41xx-00xx | Analog Onput Terminals (16 bit)
EL47xx | Analog Output Terminals with oversampling
EL500x | SSI Encoder Interface
EL5021, EL5021-0090 - SinCos Encoder Interfaces
EL5032 - 2 channel EnDat2.2-Interface
EL5042 | 2 Channel BiSS-C Interface
EL5072 | 2 Channel LVDT Interface
EL5101 - Incremental Encoder Interface
EL5102 | Incremental Encoder Interface, 5V, (RS422, TTL, Open Collector)
EL5112 | 2-Channel Incremental Encoder Interface, 5 V, (2xAB or 1xABC RS422, TTL)
EL5122 | 2-Channel Incremental Encoder Interface, 5 V single-ended (TTL, Open Collector)
EL515x | Incremental Encoder Interface
EL600x, EL602x | Serial Interface Terminals
EL6070 - License key terminal for TwinCAT 3.1
EL6080 - EtherCAT memory terminal 128 kbyte
EL6090 | Display Terminal
EL6201, EL9520 - EtherCAT Terminals for AS-Interface
EL6224 - IO-Link Terminal
EL6601, EL6614 - Switch Terminals for Ethernet
EL6631-0010 - Profinet Device Supplement
EL6631, EL6632 | PROFINET CONTROLLER Supplement
EL6652-00x0 | EtherNet/IP Master/Slave EtherCAT Terminal
EL6688 - IEEE-1588-PTP-External Synchronisation Interface
EL6692 - EtherCAT Bridge Terminal
EL6695 | EtherCAT Bridge Terminal
EL6720 - Lightbus Master Terminal
EL6731, EL6731-0010 | Master/Slave Terminal for PROFIBUS
EL6740-0010 - Interbus Slave Terminal
EL6751 | Master/Slave Terminal for CANopen
EL6752 - Master/Slave Terminal for DeviceNet
EL6751 | DMX Master/Slave Terminal
EL6861 - BACnet-MS/TP Terminal
EL70x1 - Stepper Motor Terminal
EL7031-0030 - Stepper Motor Terminal with additional analog inputs
EL70x7 - Stepper Motor Terminals, vector control
EL72x1 - Servo Motor Terminal, 48 V DC
EL72x1-001x - Servo Motor Terminal with OCT, 48 V DC
EL72x1-901x - Servo Motor Terminals with OCT and STO, 48 V DC
EL73x2 - 2 Channel DC motor output stage
EL7411 | BLDC motor terminal with incremental encoder
EL922x - Electronic overcurrent protection terminals
EL9576 - Brake Chopper Terminal with EtherCAT connection
EL95xx - Power supply terminal
EL9xxx - System Terminals
ELM2xxx | Digital Output Terminals
ELM3xxx | Measurement terminals
EM2042 - Digital Output Module
EM37xx | Pressure measuring terminals
EM7004 - 4 Axis Interface
Fieldbus Cards and Switches
Fieldbus Accessories
Drive Technology
TwinCAT 3
TwinCAT 2
Application Notes