SYSTEM Configuration

At the SYSTEM - Configuration tree-entry, project-specific TwinCAT System- and Real-Time Settings can be made.

User-defined Tasks can also be created, e.g. to output or read I/O device values from high-level language applications (Visual Basic-, Visual C++, C# .NET, Visual Basic.NET or Delphi).

SYSTEM - Configuration


Boot Settings

Boot / Auto-Logon settings for the local and for the target system

Real-Time Settings

Configuration of TwinCAT Real-Time settings and display for Real-Time load


Display / manipulation (= Advanced User) of TwinCAT Task priorities

User-defined Tasks ("Additional Tasks")

Configuration of possible additional user-defined tasks

Task settings for "Additional Tasks" (if configured)

Dialog for settings of user-defined tasks

Online Display Task Load (if additional user-defined tasks are configured)

Online view for the load of the user-defined task

Task Process Images (if additional user-defined tasks are configured)

Mapping information about user-defined tasks

Route Settings

Information about TwinCAT target system routing

"General" Tab

This dialog only appears, if no Remote system is selected, means the System Manager accesses the local target system (see also "Choose Target System").

Besides that, the following dialog "Version [Local]" is equivalent.

"Version [Local]" Tab

The following dialog shows the installed TwinCAT Level of the lokale system (at this example it is "TwinCAT NC I" ) and the version und "Build"- number of it (correspondingly the version 2.9 [Build 931]).

SYSTEM Configuration 1:

"Version (Target)" Tab

Besides the info about the locally installed TwinCAT version, another tab with corresponding info about the selected TwinCAT target system is available. The following dialog shows e.g. version 2.9 [Build 0].

SYSTEM Configuration 2:

Choose Target: Calls the selection dialog for TwinCAT target systems, accessible by TwinCAT Router. See also:Main Menus -> "Actions"