FB_Send_4BS 1:

This function block sends data via EnOcean. The ORG field is set permanently to 7.


bStart      : BOOL;
by_Node     : BYTE;
pt_SendData : DWORD;
nEnOceanID  : BYTE;
str_KL6581  : STR_KL6581;

bStart: A rising edge sends the data.

by_Node: Address of the KL6583 module to which the telegram is to be sent (valid values: 1...8).

pt_SendData: Pointer to the data to be sent. ADR is used to determine the pointer address. The pointer must point to 4-byte variable.

nEnOceanID: Virtual EnOcean ID. A value of 0…127 is added to the real EnOcean ID (valid values: 0...127).

str_KL6581: Is linked with the data structure of block FB_KL6581() (see STR_KL6581).


bBusy    : BOOL;
bError   : BOOL;
iErrorID : E_KL6581_Err;

bBusy: The block is active. No new data can be sent at this stage.

bError: this output goes TRUE as soon as an error occurs. This error is described via the iErrorId variable.

iErrorID: Describes the error type (see E_KL6581_Err).


Development environment

required TC3 PLC library

TwinCAT v3.1.4020.14

Tc2_EnOcean from v3.3.5.0