Settings - Current table

Current table tab for parametrization the KL2531 and KL2541.

Settings - Current table 1:
Current table tab in KS2000

The first quarter period can be specified in up to 64 steps. For each step you can specify a current value between 0 and 15 using the check boxes below.

The current values specified for the first quarter period are automatically used for the remaining 3 quarter periods (with associated change in sign as required).

Step size






1/2 (half step)

1/1 (full step)

Steps/quarter period








  • Current values
    For step size 1/64 you can specify the current values manually. They are stored in the user current table.
    For all other step sizes, a sinusoidal curve is used.
  • Manual specification of the current values
    The current values are specified in four groups, each containing 16 current values. Select which group you wish to parameterize using the 16 check boxes below:
    1 - 16
    17 - 32
    33 - 48
    49 - 64
    The values you enter are not transferred to the terminal and stored in the user current table until you press the Settings - Current table 2: button.
  • Current table active (RP0.R32.7)
    With this options field you can activate the user current table instead of the internal current table.
    • The internal current table describes a sinusoidal curve. Only the step size can be specified.
    • The user current table (active if the step size 1/64 is selected) can be freely edited using the check boxes below.
  • Reload
    Reads the values (RP1.R32 to RP1.R47) stored in the terminal and displays them.
  • Sine
    Specifies a sinusoidal curve.


Settings - Current table 3:
KL2541 - Examples for current table settings with KS2000