FB_EnOceanReceive 1:

The function block FB_EnOceanReceive() is a receive block, which makes the telegrams sent by the EnOcean modules available in the structure stEnOceanReceivedData. This structure can then be analyzed with further blocks. The documentation for this blocks also includes sample programs, which illustrate the operating principle.


bEnable : BOOL := FALSE; 

bEnable: A positive signal at this input activates the block. A negative signal at the input disables the block functionality.


bError                : BOOL := FALSE;
nErrorId              : UDINT := 0;
stEnOceanReceivedData : ST_EnOceanReceivedData;

bError: this output goes TRUE as soon as an error occurs. This error is described via the variable nErrorId.

nErrorId: Describes the error type (see error codes).

stEnOceanReceivedData: This structure contains the received data (see ST_EnOceanReceivedData).


stEnOceanInData  : ST_EnOceanInData;
stEnOceanOutData : ST_EnOceanOutData;

stEnOceanInData: Is linked with the input addresses of the KL6021-0023 in the System Manager (see ST_EnOceanInData).

stEnOceanOutData: Is linked with the output addresses of the KL6021-0023 in the System Manager (see ST_EnOceanOutData).


Development environment

required TC3 PLC library

TwinCAT v3.1.4020.14

Tc2_EnOcean from v3.3.5.0