Visualization Manager

The Visualization Manager manages general settings for all visualization objects of a PLC project. The Visualization Manager  1: Visualization Manager object is added automatically, once the first visualization object was created in the PLC project. An overview of visualization in PLC projects can be found in the section "Creating a visualization".

If the function is supported by the device, the client objects for the PLC HMI client and/or the PLC HMI Web client can be added under the manager. They manage special settings for the respective client type. The integrated visualization is used automatically, if no client object was added under the Visualization Manager.

In the example shown in the image below, the Visualization Manager is responsible for the visualization objects "Visualization1" and "Visualization2". In addition, the TargetVisualization object is added, thus enabling the PLC HMI.

Visualization Manager  2:

To open the Visualization Manager editor, double-click on the entry. The editor opens in a window, which has the following tabs: