Error correction

The following table shows typical errors and how to fix them.




The KL3403 indicates negative power consumption, despite the fact that a consumer is connected.

  • The connection of one or several current circuits is reversed.
  • Current and voltage circuits are not connected correspondingly. Example: Phase L1 is connected to the voltage circuit for L1 (terminal point 1), but the current transformer connected to phase L1 is connected to IL2 (terminal point 6).

Check the wiring!

An upstream residual current circuit breaker trips.

A phase is connected to the neutral conductor.

Check the wiring!

They want to measure DC, but the KL3403 does not show any meaningful values.

The DC filter of the KL3403 are switched on (delivery state).

Switch off the DC filters for the KL3403 (using the configuration software KS2000 or the register communication (register R32.4)) for measuring direct voltage and DC.

Measuring inaccuracies occur with large currents.

Overload at the current inputs of the terminal (see chapter Measuring error due to input overload).

  • Use a terminal type with higher rated current (e.g. KL3403-0010)
  • Use current transformers with a higher ratio.

Measuring inaccuracies occur when measuring low DC voltages.

In the range 10 to 20 V, the voltage inputs of the KL3403 exhibit a small non-linearity (see chapter Measuring error with DC voltage measurement).