KL1402, KL1412 - Introduction

KL1402, KL1412 - Introduction 1:
KL1402, KL1412 - Introduction 2:

Two-channel digital input terminal 24 VDC, type 3

The KL1402 and KL1412 supplement the proven KL1404, KL1414, KL1408 und KL1418 digital input terminals with their type-3 specification. The current/voltage characteristics have been optimized for 2-wire sensors. The input current in low state is increased to a minimum value of 1.5 mA and therefore supports the majority of commercially available 2-wire sensors. A typical value for the energy-saving high current is 2.2 mA. The input complies with the EN 61131-2 type 3 standard and is compatible with type 1.