Limit value monitoring

Limit 1 and Limit 2, Index 0x80n0:13, Index 0x80n0:14

If the limits of the values that can be entered in indices 0x80n0:13 and 0x80n0:14 are violated, the bits in indices 0x60n0:03 and 0x60n0:05 are set accordingly (see sample below). The indices 0x80n0:07 or 0x80n0:08 serve to activate the limit value monitoring.

Output limit n (2-bit):

Limit value monitoring 1:

Linking in the PLC with 2-bit values

The limit information consists of 2 bits. Limitn can be linked to the PLC or a task in the System Manager.

Limit value monitoring 3:
Linking of 2-bit variable to additional task

Sample for EL3062:

Channel 1; Limit1 and Limit2 enabled, Limit 1 = 2.8 V, Limit 2 = 7.4 V, representation: signed integer

Entry in Index 0x80n0:13 (Limit 1):
(2.8 V / 10 V) x 216 / 2 - 1 = 9,174dec

Entry in Index 0x80n0:14 (Limit 2):
(7.4 V / 10 V) x 216 / 2 - 1 = 24,247dec


Input channel 1

Index 0x6000:03

Index 0x6000:05

1.8 V

0x01hex, (Limit 1, limit value undershot)

0x01hex, (Limit 2, limit value undershot)

2.8 V

0x03hex, (Limit 1, limit value reached)

0x01hex, (Limit 2, limit value undershot)

4.2 V

0x02hex, (Limit 1, limit value exceeded)

0x01hex, (Limit 2, limit value undershot)

8.5 V

0x02hex, (Limit 1, limit value exceeded)

0x02hex, (Limit 2, limit value exceeded)