Basic function principles

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• Operating mode selection and parameterization

The EL1512 input terminal counts binary pulses and transfers the current value to the higher-level controller.

In addition to the 32 bit up/down counter, further available operating modes are a 32 bit gated counter or two 32 bit counters. In gated counter mode, a low or high level at the Gate input inhibits the counting function of the terminal.
If two 32 bit counters are active, the U/D input (terminal point 1) is configured as the input for the first counter and the Clock 2 input (terminal point 5) as the input for the second counter.

The maximum input frequency is limited to 1 kHz for the EL1512; the counters react to the rising edge of the input signal.

The use of the EL1512 is described below.

Operating mode selection and parameterization

  • Click on the EL1512 terminal in the TwinCAT system configuration tree in the TwinCAT System Manager (fig. EL1512 in the TwinCAT tree).
  • The operation mode can now be selected via the "Process Data" and "CoE - Online" tabs in the TwinCAT System Manager (Config mode) (Fig. "Process Data" tab & "CoE - Online" tab).
  • Basic function principles 1:
    EL1512 in the TwinCAT tree
  • Basic function principles 2:
    "Process Data" tab
  • Parameterization takes place via the CoE objects, indices 0x80xx (CoE - Online tab) (fig. "CoE - Online" tab).
  • Click on the row of the indexes to be parameterized and enter a corresponding value in the "SetValue" dialog.
  • After parameterization read in the configuration again. To do this, click on the button "Reload I/O devices". Basic function principles 3:
Basic function principles 4:
"CoE – Online" tab

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