System requirements

System requirements 1:

Current components

The Beckhoff Device Manager is constantly being updated and further developed. Always use the latest components in your application:

  • BIOS
  • Image for your Beckhoff IPC
  • Beckhoff Automation Device Driver
  • Tc3_IPCDiag for your TwinCAT PLC program

Hardware requirements

Software requirements

BIOS version

There may be further conditions for the Beckhoff Device Manager version and the BIOS version, depending on which features you want to use and which Industrial PCs or Embedded PCs you use.

Whether special features, such as reading of the CPU or mainboard temperature, are available in the Device Manager depends on the BIOS version in the device used, since the device must make the corresponding values available via a dedicated interface (BIOS API).

The following table shows the systems for which Device Manager values can not be read via the BIOS API.

IPC Mainboard


embedded PC

  • CBxx50
  • CBxx51
  • CB3x10
  • C6670
  • CX10x0
  • CX80x0
  • CX90xx

Beckhoff Industrial PCs of the same series may be equipped with different Beckhoff IPC mainboards, depending on the performance class. An exception are Embedded PCs of the CX series. The functions available for the Beckhoff Device Manager therefore depend on the integrated mainboard, not the IPC type.

Check whether additional information on the availability of individual features is provided in the description of the modules you require.

When using the Device Manager via a PLC library, note the system requirements of the PLC library.