BACnet/IP 1:

In TwinCAT BACnet/IP, Beckhoff offers a complete product line that is characterized by its high scalability:
Starting from the compact ARM-based controller, the CX8091, which supports up to several hundred data points,
up to the CX5020, on which several thousand data points can be collected and processed centrally,
the devices can be used as BACnet Building Controller (BBC) without restriction.
The DIN rail-mountable Embedded PCs from the CX series integrate an interface for the direct serial connection of the Bus Terminals.

The devices of CX8091, CX9020 and CX50xx series from Beckhoff meet all requirements of the global BACnet standard ISO 16484-5:2012
and thus offer scalable control platforms for cross-vendor building automation covering all building services.

Numerous additional functions have been implemented that extend beyond the requirements for BACnet building controllers.
The integration of the BACnet protocol in the TwinCAT System Manager enables efficient configuration of the Bus Terminals and the BACnet devices with a single tool.
The Automapping function enables comfortable working and shortens the development time.

Extensive additional functions supplement the required interoperability function blocks of the Beckhoff BBC devices.
Support of different string encoding fonts (UTF8, USC2, USC2, ISO8859 ... ) enables TwinCAT BACnet/IP to be used in applications worldwide.
Further functions cover the dynamic creation of BACnet objects, whereby timing diagrams and trend objects among other things can be subsequently created and configured.

Distributed clocks can be synchronized with the aid of the supported Client and Master functions.

BBMD (BACnet Broadcast Management Device) services have been integrated into TwinCAT BACnet/IP for use in widely distributed networks.

The integration of spatially remote and third-party devices is particularly convenient within the framework of the Client functionality. BACnet networks can be searched.

Thanks to support for the EDE format (Engineering Data Exchange), Beckhoff controllers also work in connection with BACnet devices from other manufacturers.

TwinCAT BACnet/IP is rounded off by extensive diagnostic functions.

BACnet notes for the CX8091

BACnet and CX8091 First steps