EP4174 - EtherCAT Box with configurable analog outputs

Object description and parameterization

EtherCAT XML Device Description
The display matches that of the CoE objects from the EtherCAT XML Device Description. We recommend downloading the latest XML file from the download area of the Beckhoff website and installing it according to installation instructions.
Parameterization via the CoE list (CAN over EtherCAT)
The EtherCAT device is parameterized via the CoE - Online tab (double-click on the respective object) or via the Process Data tab (allocation of PDOs).


The CoE overview contains objects for different intended applications:

Objects required for parameterization during commissioning
Objects intended for regular operation, e. g. through ADS access.
Further profile-specific objects indicating inputs, outputs and status information

The following section first describes the objects required for normal operation, followed by a complete overview of missing objects.

Additional information
Objects to be parameterized during commissioning
Objects for regular operation
Standard objects (0x1000-0x1FFF)
Profile-specific objects (0x6000-0xFFFF)