EJ8xxx - Signal-Distribution-Board for standard EtherCAT plug-in modules

Module placement

The EJ-Module line shall begin on the left side of the single distribution board with the coupler (or RJ45 connectors) followed by a power supply and IO-modules.

In order to avoid electromagnetical interferences on the E-bus it is not recommended to route IO-connection signals through the E-bus routing area marked in the following figures.

Notes for routing
Follow the instructions for routing in chapter Design of power supply and Routing guidelines!

Example with coupler EJ1100

EJ module line starting with coupler EJ1100

Example with coupler EJ1101-0022 and power supply module EJ9400

An additional power supply module (e.g. EJ9400) and RJ45 sockets are required when using coupler EJ1101-0022. The RJ45 sockets should be placed near the coupler.
Crossing the EtherCAT RX/TX lines between the coupler and the modular jacks with signals that may carry electromagnetical interference shall be avoided.

EJ module line starting with coupler EJ1101-0022 (optional RJ45 sockets)

Clearances and creepage distances

Between field and E-bus signals clearances and creepage distances have to be taken care of. A Clearence of 1.2 mm is recommended.

Clearance between bus- and field area