EJ8xxx - Signal-Distribution-Board for standard EtherCAT plug-in modules

Routing guildelines

Ground and UEBUS power supply shall be routed as planes on separate layers.
The differential E-bus signals have to be routed on internal layers.
On the E-bus TX and RX routing layer free space between the signals shall be filled with copper connected to GND.

12-mm modules E-bus routing

Routing for 12-mm-modules

24-mm modules E-bus routing (e.g. EJ7342)

24-mm modules, where the E-bus has to be connected to the left or right connector either (e.g. EJ7342), shall be routed in a way shown in the following Figure.

Routing for 24-mm modules

In the area of the module connectors, the trace width and spacing may be reduced, if necessary (see figure above (A)).
If available in the design software the option Unused Pad Suppression may be helpful to generate more routing space between the connector pins.


Signal ground routing

The signal ground pins may be connected and routed on the top layer of the PCB as shown in figure Top layer .

Ensure proper connection of the SGND signal with the control cabinet!

Additional information
EMC guidelines
Impedance and Routing