The attributes listed below are the generally applicable attributes. The attributes introduced specifically for the widgets are described at Widgets.

Display name of the variable (iot.DisplayName)

Syntax: {attribute 'iot.DisplayName' := 'Ceiling Lights'}

Defines the name to be displayed in the app for this variable. If this attribute is not specified, the PLC variable name is displayed in the app.

Unity of variable (iot.Unit)

Syntax: {attribute 'iot.Unit' := '°C'}

Defines the unit behind the value of the variable in the app. If this attribute is not specified, the unit behind the value remains empty.

Variable cannot be changed (iot.Readonly)

Syntax: {attribute 'iot.ReadOnly' := 'TRUE'}

Defines whether the variable can be changed from the app. If this attribute is specified with the value TRUE, the variable can no longer be changed, and a padlock symbol appears next to the variable name. If this attribute is not specified, the variable can be changed by default.

Icon of a nested structure (iot.NestedStructIcon)

Syntax: {attribute 'iot.NestedStructIcon' := 'Room'}

Defines the icon for the start page of a nested structure. By default, the TwinCAT CD is displayed. The available icons are listed in the List of available icons.

Minimum and maximum value of the variable (iot.MinValue and iot.MaxValue)

Syntax: {attribute 'iot.MinValue' := '10'} {attribute 'iot.MaxValue' := '30'}

Defines a minimum and maximum value for numerical variables. If both attributes ('MinValue' AND 'MaxValue') are specified, a progress bar in the app shows the progress of the current value with respect to the minimum and maximum value.


Progress indicator

The minimum and maximum value define the range covered by the progress bar in the app. The value can be higher or lower than the values specified in the PLC.

When a value goes leaves its prescribed range, it is highlighted in the app with a value in red. In the following screenshot a value has left its defined range.

Attributes 1:

Limitation of the decimal places at a variable (iot.DecimalPrecision)

Syntax: {attribute 'iot.DecimalPrecision' := '3'}

Defines a number of decimal places to which a floating-point number is rounded. This setting overwrites any existing app setting for the respective variable.


Attributes 2:

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