TE1010 | TC3 Realtime Monitor

Quick start

The following chapter is intended to provide an introduction to using the TwinCAT 3 Real-time Monitor.

The starting point is a project running on a TwinCAT 3.1 runtime version 3.1.4024.0 or later.
Open the Real-time Monitor.
Create a new project.
To do this, use the New Project option in the Project menu of the TwinCAT 3 Real-time Monitor. The project name can be changed via the project properties (see Project node).
Now select the target system that you want to analyze. This is done via the toolbar of the TwinCAT 3 Real-time Monitor.
A prompt appears asking whether you want to load the configuration from the target system. Confirm with "Yes“
The active configuration of the target system has been loaded and the contexts are displayed hierarchically as a tree.
Select the tasks that you want displayed in the TwinCAT Real-time Monitor  Grafik aus Quickstart (is9hldr.png)
Select the project in the tree view and set the Detailed Logging option in the Properties window to "True" (see also Marker group element).
If you also want to automatically read the user contexts that may have been set in an application program, set the AutoCreateUserContexts option to "True" as well.
Click the Start Log button in the toolbar of the TwinCAT 3 Real-time Monitor.
Recording of the real-time behavior begins.
 Grafik aus Quickstart (ijnh8sr.png)