PLC Configuration

If TwinCAT is installed with PLC function capability (minimum TwinCAT Level PLC) you will see "PLC - Configuration” in the tree view of the System Manager. PLC projects can be added here and their settings (number of run-time systems, port no., cycle times, …) checked. The path settings for the PLC project can also be adjusted accordingly.

PLC - Configuration


PLC Settings

Settings according to the PLC environment (Number of Run-Time systems, handling of persistent data, etc..)

PLC Project Settings ("IEC1131")

Project pathes and other informations about the associated PLC project(s)

Prozess Images

Overview about the mappings between PLC variables and other process images (I/O devices, NC variables,...)


Informations about the tasks contained in the associated PLC project(s)

"General" Tab

This dialog only appears, if no Remote system is selected, means the System Manager accesses the local target system (see also "Choose Target System").

Besides that, the following dialog "Version [Target]" is equivalent.

"Version [Target]" Tab

The following dialog describes the TwinCAT server of the target system, where this module is based on. In the shown dialog this is the - currently active - version 2.9 [Build 431] of the TwinCAT PLC Server.

PLC Configuration 1: