Format error codes

The following error codes are returned by the FB_FormatString and FB_FormatString2 function blocks as well as the F_FormatArgToStr function. If several arguments are used, the argument number (1..9) is returned in addition to the error code. The argument number provides information about where exactly an error was detected during formatting.

Error code



No error

16#00000010 + Argument number (1..9)

Percent sign (%) at invalid position

16#00000020 + Argument number (1..9)

Asterisk parameter at invalid position

16#00000040 + Argument number (1..9)

Invalid width field value

16#00000080 + Argument number (1..9)

Invalid precision field value

16#00000100 + Argument number (1..9)

One of the flags at invalid position

16#00000200 + Argument number (1..9)

The width or precision field value at invalid position

16#00000400 + Argument number (1..9)

Dot "." sign of precision field at invalid position

16#00000800 + Argument number (1..9)

Invalid (unsupported) type field value

16#00001000 + Argument number (1..9)

Different type field and argument parameter

16#00002000 + Argument number (1..9)

Invalid format string parameters

16#00004000 + Argument number (1..9)

Too much arguments in format string

16#00008000 + Argument number (1..9)

Destination string buffer overflow (formatted string is to long)

16#00010000 + Argument number (1..9)

Invalid pointer input


Development environment

Target platform

PLC libraries to be integrated (category group)

TwinCAT v3.1.0

PC or CX (x86, x64, ARM)

Tc2_Utilities (System)