Network adapter information.

TYPE ST_IPAdapterInfo :
    bDefault      : BOOL;
    sAdapterName  : STRING(MAX_ADAPTER_NAME_LENGTH) := '';
    physAddr      : ST_IPAdapterHwAddr;
    dwIndex       : DWORD;
    eType         : E_MIB_IF_Type;
    sIpAddr       : T_IPv4Addr;
    sSubNet       : T_IPv4Addr;
    sDefGateway   : T_IPv4Addr;
    bDhcpEnabled  : BOOL;
    sDhcpSrv      : T_IPv4Addr;
    bHaveWins     : BOOL;
    sPrimWinsSrv  : T_IPv4Addr;
    sSecWinsSrv   : T_IPv4Addr;
    tLeaseObt     : DT;
    tLeaseExp     : DT;

bDefault: This variable is currently only used under Windows CE! If TRUE TwinCAT uses the network adapter as default adapter.

sAdapterName: Adapter name as string.

sDescription: Adapter description as string.

physAddr: Physical hardware address. (Type: ST_IPAdapterHwAddr)

dwIndex: Internal adapter system index.

eType: Adapter type (type: E_MIB_IF_Type).

sIpAddr: IP address (type: T_Ipv4Addr).

sSubNet: IP network mask (type: T_Ipv4Addr).

sDefGateway: IP address of the default gateway (type: T_Ipv4Addr).

bDhcpEnabled: Indicates whether DHCP was activated for this adapter or not.

sDhcpSrv: IP address of the DHCP server (type: T_Ipv4Addr).

bHaveWins: Indicates whether the Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) is used or not.

sPrimWinsSrv: IP address of the primary WINS server (type: T_Ipv4Addr).

sSecWinsSrv: IP address of the secondary WINS server (type: T_Ipv4Addr).

tLeaseObt: Indicates when the IP address was “hired" by the DHCP server (UTC).

tLeaseExp: Indicates how long the IP address can be “rented” by the DHCP server before an ”extension" has to be requested by the DHCP server (UTC).


Development environment

Target platform

PLC libraries to be integrated (category group)

TwinCAT v3.1.0

PC or CX (x86, x64, ARM)

Tc2_Utilities (System)