TYPE TcEvent 
    Class                : UDINT;
    Prio                 : UDINT;
    Id                   : UDINT;
    bQuitRequired        : BOOL;
    DataFormatStrAddress : PVOID;
    UserFlags            : DWORD;
    Flags                : DWORD;
    StreamType           : UDINT;
    SourceString         : STRING[15]; (* TCEVENT_SRCNAMESIZE *)
    SourceId             : UDINT;
    ProgId               : STRING[31]; (* TCEVENT_FMTPRGSIZE *)

Class: Event class, take value from the enum E_TcEventClass

Prio: Priority of the event inside a class, free selectable count (1..MaxUDINT)

Id: Id of the events, is used for explicit identification in the Eventlogger

bQuitRequired: Edges for switch on and off the acknowledgement obligatory (TRUE → acknowledgement obligatory)

DataFormatStrAddress: Address of a strings. String contains formatting instructions (e.g. %d%f formates an Integer and a Real (float) value)

UserFlags: 32 bit count is free available

Flags: 32 bit count for identification of the event. The meaning of the single bits is declared in the global Variables of the libraries

StreamType: Type of events. Take the value from the enum E_TcEventStreamType

SourceString: String with the source name (max. 15 strings)

SourceId: Source-ID

ProgId: String (Prog-Id) with the name of the formatter (max. 31 strings)


Development environment

Target system type

PLC libraries to include (Category group)

TwinCAT v3.1.0

PC or CX (x86, x64, ARM)

Tc2_System (System)