FB_SoEAX5000SetPositionOffset 1:

With the function block FB_SoEAX5000SetPositionOffset a position offset can be saved in the memory of the AX5000 or of the digital name plate of the connected motor encoder. To do this, the offset must first be configured with the DriveManager and then the same memory location (encoder / drive) must be used in the function block.


   Execute  :  BOOL;
   Position :  LREAL;
   Relative :  BOOL;
   Feedback :  E_PositionOffsetFeedback;
   Memory   :  E_PositionOffsetMemory;

Execute: The function block is enabled via a positive edge at this input.

Position: New actual position of the NC axis

Relative: When this flag is set, the position is interpreted relatively.

Feedback: Enumeration of the type E_PositionOffsetFeedback. Specifies which feedback is considered.

Memory: Enumeration of the type E_PositionOffsetMemory. Specifies which memory the newly calculated position offset should be stored in.


   Axis : AXIS_REF;

Axis: The axis data structure of type AXIS_REF addresses an axis unambiguously within the system. Among other things it contains the current status of the axis such as the position, the velocity and the error state.


   Busy     :  BOOL;
   Error    :  BOOL;
   ErrorID  :  UDINT;

Busy: This output is set when the function block is activated, and remains set until a feedback is received.

Error: This output is set after the Busy output has been reset when an error occurs in the transmission of the command.

ErrorID: In the event of a set error output returns the ADS error code.


Development environment

Target platform type

PLC libraries to include

TwinCAT ≥4020.57

TwinCAT ≥4022.30


PC or CX (x86 or x64)

Tc2_MC2_Drive ≥V3.3.16.0