SCIT_AlarmStop 1:

The "SCIT_AlarmStop" function block serves as an auxiliary block in order to carry out an Alarm_Stop on the Interbus card that is addressed by the NETID and the PORT. An Alarm_Stop places the card in the PAR_READY state and resets all the outputs.


    NETID    : T_AmsNetId;
    PORT     : T_AmsPort;
    WRTRD    : BOOL;

NETID: The network address of the computer in which the card is installed can be entered here (type: T_AmsNetID). If the card is located within the same system, it is also possible to give an empty string.

PORT: Contains the ADS port number of the card that was assigned by the TwinCAT system (type: T_AmsPort).

WRTRD: The function block is activated by a positive edge at this value.

TMOUT: Maximum time allowed for the execution of the command.


    BUSY       : BOOL;
    ERR        : BOOL;
    ERRID      : UDINT;
    RESULT     : WORD;

BUSY: After activation of the function block the busy signal remains asserted until an feedback is received.

ERR: If an error occurs while the command is being transferred, the ERR output is set once the BUSY signal is cancelled.

ERRID: Returns the ADS error number in the case of error.

RESULT: Returns the result from the card (provided that fault-free ADS transport has occurred (ERR = FALSE)). RESULT = 0 identifies successful execution of the command. A value other than 0 contains the error number from the Phoenix card.

ADDERRINFO: If feedback from the card is negative, this contains additional error information (cf. the Phoenix card error descriptions).


Development environment

Target platform

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PLC libraries to be integrated (category group)

TwinCAT v3.1.0

None. This functionality is not supported by TwinCAT 3 at present!


Tc2_IoFunctions (IO)