The library offers a convenient possibility to execute the most important firmware services of the Phoenix IBS SC/I-T interbus card for bus control from the TwinCAT PLC. The following diagram illustrates the states and the transition conditions of the bus control.

Bus Control

Overview 1:

SCIT_ActivateConfiguration: Executes the Activate_Configuration command.

SCIT_DeactivateConfiguration: Executes the Deactivate_Configuration command.

SCIT_StartDataTransfer: Executes the Start_Data_Transfer command.

SCIT_StopDataTransfer: Executes the Stop_Data_Transfer command.

SCIT_AlarmStop: Executes the Alarm_Stop command.


SCIT_ControlActiveConfiguration: Is used to affect the active configuration of the Interbus devices. This command can be executed in the PAR_READY state as well as when in the ACTIVE or RUN states. Single, dependent and grouped devices can be activated and deactivated in this way.

Error diagnosis

SCIT_GetErrorInfo: Returns the error type and error location of an Interbus device after a bus error.

SCIT_ConfDevErrAll: Acknowledge periphery errors of all devices.