FB_AX200X_Profibus 1:


    stPZD_IN  : ST_PZD_IN; 

stPZD_IN: Data words from the drive to the PLC (type: ST_PZD_IN).

stPZD_OUT: Data words from the PLC to the drive (type: ST_PZD_OUT).


    bInit              : BOOL;(*Initialization*)
    bMode_DigitalSpeed : BOOL;(*OP-Mode digital speed instead of Positioning*)
    iDigitalSpeed      : DWORD;(*digital speed if OP-Mode = digital speed*)
    iVelocity          : DWORD;(*Velocity*)
    iPosition          : DINT;(*Position*)
    iRunningMode       : BYTE;(*0:digital speed, 1: motiontask, 2: JogMode, 3: Calibration*)
    imotion_tasknumber : WORD;(*number of EEPROM-saved motion-task*)
    imotion_blocktype  : WORD:=16#2000;(*optional Parameters of motion tasks, default:SI-values*)
    iJogModeBasicValue : INT;(*BasicVelocity for JogMode*)
    iCalVelo           : WORD;(* basic velocity of Calibration*)
    bSetRefPoint       : BOOL;(* set Reference Point*)
    bStart             : BOOL;(*START*)
    bStop              : BOOL;(*STOP*)
    bShortStop         : BOOL;(* break of motion task*)
    iSlaveAddress      : BYTE;(* Station Address of the Slave *)
    iFC310xDeviceId    : WORD;(* Device-ID of the FCxxxx *)
    bErrorResume       : BOOL;(*Error resume*)
    tTimeOut           : TIME := DEFAULT_ADS_TIMEOUT;

bInit: Initialization of the drive. If bInit is TRUE then operating mode 2, "positioning", is set in the drive.

bMode_DigitalSpeed: This is set if the drive is to be placed in the ‘digital speed’ operating mode during the initialization.

iDigitalSpeed: Speed in the ‘digital speed’ operating mode.

iVelocity : The parameter contains the required transport speed for a following transport instruction, e.g. µm/s.

iPosition: Target position.

iRunningMode: 0: digital speed, 1: motiontask, 2: JogMode, 3: Calibration.

imotion_tasknumber : Travel block number. This input can be used to select a travel block that has previously been stored in the drive's memory.

imotion_blocktype: Travel block type (optional). This input can be used to modify properties of a direct travel command.

iJogModeBasicValue : Basic speed for jogging mode; the actual speed is derived from the basic speed and the "v-jogging mode" factor for the drive.

iCalVelo : Basic speed for the reference travel. The final speed is composed of the basic speed and the "v-jogging mode" factor for the drive.

bSetRefPoint : Setting the reference point.

bStart: Starting the action, depending on the state of iRunningMode.

bStop : Stopping the action, depending on the state of iRunningMode.

bShortStop :

iSlaveAddress: Station address.

iFC310xDeviceId : Device-Id.

bErrorResume : A rising edge at this boolean input resets an "AX200X error" (not a time-out error).

tTimeOut: Maximum time allowed for the execution of the command.


    bBusy        : BOOL;
    bError       : BOOL;(*Errorstatus of Servo*)
    iErrID       : DWORD;
    bTimeOutErr  : BOOL;
    bInitOK      : BOOL;(*Initialization OK*)
    iactPosition : DINT;(*actual Position SI-value*)

bBusy: This output remains TRUE until the block has executed a command. While Busy = TRUE, no new command will be accepted at the inputs. Please note that it is not the execution of the service but its acceptance whose time is monitored.

bError: This output shows the error status.

iErrID : contains the command-specific error code of the most recently executed command. Is reset to 0 by the execution of a command at the inputs.

bTimeOutErr : TimeOut error.

bInitOK : Initialization state of the drive, bInit:= TRUE: The drive is initialized, and is in operating mode 2, "positioning".

iactPosition : Display of current position in running mode 1: Motiontask .


Development environment

Target platform

IO hardware

PLC libraries to be integrated (category group)

TwinCAT v3.1.0

PC or CX (x86)

AX2000 Profibus box

Tc2_IoFunctions (IO)