IOF_SER_GetPhase 1:

The “IOF_SER_GetPhase” function block determines the current communication phase on the SERCOS ring. The communication phase can have a value from 0 to 4.


    NETID     : T_AmsNetId;
    GET       : BOOL;

NETID: The network address of the TwinCAT computer on which the ADS command is to be executed can be entered here (type: T_AmsNetId). If it is to be run on the local computer, an empty string can be entered.

DEVICEID: The DeviceId is used to specify the SERCOS master whose communication phase is to be determined. The device IDs are specified by the TwinCAT system during the hardware configuration.

GET: the block is activated by a positive edge at this input.

TMOUT: States the length of the timeout that may not be exceeded during execution of the command.


    BUSY    : BOOL;
    ERR     : BOOL;
    ERRID   : UDINT;
    PHASE   : BYTE;

BUSY: When the function block is activated this output is set. It remains set until a feedback is received.

ERR: If an error should occur during the transfer of the command, then this output is set once the BUSY output was reset.

ERRID: Supplies the ADS error number when the ERR output is set.

PHASE: The current communication phase in the SERCOS ring.


Development environment

Target platform

IO hardware

PLC libraries to be integrated (category group)

TwinCAT v3.1.0

PC (x86)

Sercans SCS-P ISA; Sercans SCS-P PCI;
Beckhoff FC750x PCI

Tc2_IoFunctions (IO)