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TX1200 | TwinCAT PLC


TwinCAT PLC Control

This chapter shows you how to use the TwinCAT PLC Control. There is a IEC 61131-3 overview and a detailed description of programming and debugging with the TwinCAT PLC Control.


TwinCAT PLC: PLC Libraries

With TwinCAT you get a standard library which contains functions and function-block described in IEC61131-3. There are also some other libraries shipped with TwinCAT. Other libraries are optional available.


TwinCAT System Manager

The TwinCAT System Manager configures the system with PLC, Motion control (optional) and I/O. You can map inputs and outputs from the plc to outputs and inputs of I/O variables or
motion control variables (optional). Monitoring and forcing of all variables is possible.

Get more information in the TwinCAT System Manager documentation


TwinCAT PLC: ADS Interface

More information in the ADS documentation: ADS > ADS device documentations > TwinCAT ADS Interface PLC


TwinCAT Engineering Interface ( ENI) Server

The TwinCAT Engineering Interface (ENI) enables tasks to be co-ordinated via a source code management system.

Get more information in the documentation TS1600 | TwinCAT ENI Server

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