TwinCAT 2

TS5xxx - Motion

TS5050 | TwinCAT NC Camming
Software tool to synchronize two or more axes.
A master axis is then actively controlled, and the position of one or more coupled slave axes is synchronously controlled by the nc.
TS5055 | TwinCAT MC Flying Saw
Software tool to synchronize the position and the speed of tool and workpiece.
TS5060 | TwinCAT NC FIFO Axes
Software tool to synchronize two or more axes.
In this case, rather than having one master-slave table prescribed in advance, the latest axis positions are constantly "topped up" by a PLC program.
TS5065 | TwinCAT PLC Motion Control XFC / XFC NCI
Library with function blocks relevant to realize digital cam switches.
TS5066 | TwinCAT PLC Remote Synchronization
Library to synchronize distributed systems.
TS5110 - TS5112 | TwinCAT Kinematic Transformation
Software package that integrates itself transparently into the existing Motion Control world of TwinCAT
TS5800 TwinCAT Digital Cam Server
Fast camshaft controller as software implementation in TwinCAT, freely configurable via the TwinCAT System Manager.
TS5810 | TwinCAT PLC Hydraulic Positioning
Library with function blocks relevant for hydraulic axes.
Additional Supplement-Documentations
TS1500 | TwinCAT Valve Diagram Editor
Software tool to develop the characteristic curve for a hydraulic valve (Installation routine).
TS1510 | TwinCAT Cam Design Tool
Software tool to develop electronic cam plates based on VDI guideline 2143 (Installation routine)

Available TwinCAT Numerical Control (NC) documentations

TwinCAT NC Basics
Contains descriptions of function groups used for the control and regulation of axes or of synchronized axis groups.
TX1250 | TwinCAT NC PTP
Extension of the TwinCAT PLC (TX1200) by the option to realize point-to-point movements in software.
TX1260 | TwinCAT NC I
Extension of the TwinCAT PTP by the possibility to interpolate movements with up to three path axes and up to five auxiliary axes.
TX1270 | TwinCAT CNC
Extension of the TwinCAT NC I by the possibility to realize an interpolation with up to 32 simultaneously interpolating axes.
TwinCAT NC Error codes
Additional information
TS5050 | MC Camming
TS5055 | NC Flying Saw
TS5060 | NC FIFO Axes
TS5065 | Motion Control XFC/XFC NC I
TS5066 | PLC Remote Synchronisation
TS511x | Kinematic Transformation
TS5800 | Digital Cam Server
TS5810 | PLC Hydraulic Positioning