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Separate LineIDs

  • TRUE: The line IDs of a POU are stored in a separate file (LineIDs.dbg), so that changes in the line IDs do not lead to changes in the POU, which would then be misinterpreted in the source control system as content changes. Line IDs are required for breakpoint handling, for example, and ensure that the code lines can be assigned to machine code instructions. (Default setting: FALSE)

Sort by name

  • TRUE (default setting): The subelements of POUs (actions, methods, properties) are sorted by name and not by internal ID (see sample).


The sample illustrates the different storage sequence of the METH_A, METH_B and METH_C methods, depending on whether the Sort by name option is enabled or disabled. If the option is disabled (FALSE), the METH_B method is not in second place according to its name, but in first place according to its internal ID.

Sort by name = TRUE

Sort by name = FALSE

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