Using image pools

An image pool is a table of image files. By specifying the ID and the name of the image pool, TwinCAT can unambiguously reference an image file when you use it in the project, for example in a visualization. A project can contain multiple image pools. You can add image pools to the PLC project tree in the Solution Explorer. In a library project, you can assign an image pool as symbol library for the visualization via its object properties.

We recommend reducing the size of an image file as far as possible you integrate it. This optimizes the loading time of the visualization in all visualization variants (TargetVisu, WebVisu and programming system).

When you insert an image element into a visualization and enter an ID (static ID) in the element properties, TwinCAT automatically creates a global image pool. TwinCAT uses the default name "GlobalImagePool".

Note the following points, if the ID of an image file exists in multiple image pools:

Search order: If you select an image that is managed in the GlobalImagePool, you do not have to specify the name of the image pool. The search order for image files is as follows:
1. GlobalImagePool
2. Image pools assigned to the currently active PLC project
3. Image pools that exist in the Solution Explorer, alongside the GlobalImagePool
4. Image pools in libraries
Unique access: You can address the desired image directly and unambiguously by preceding the ID with the name of the image pool, according to the syntax <collection name>.<image ID>.
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