KL9309 1:

Adapter terminal for manual operating modules

The KL9309 adapter terminal has 16 terminal points, which provide the I/Os of the KL85xx manual operating modules. An additional supply voltage (24 VDC) is provided via two terminal points (24 V, 0 V). The terminal can be connected to the manual operating module via a system cable using a 20-pole pin contact strip with locking.

The KL9309 has a modular design and can be incorporated seamlessly on the DIN rail. K-bus communication is passed on by the terminal, but the terminal itself is not visible to the K-bus and is therefore also not recognized by the bus coupler.

Two power contacts (24 V, 0 V) redirect the supply voltage to the downstream terminals, and four contacts (2 x 24 V, 2 x 0 V) of the 20-pin connector make it available as power supply for the manual operating modules.