Application examples


Protection of the load circuit

Ensure that the load circuit can be fused with up to a maximum of 25 A per phase.

Motor control

The following figure illustrates control of a three-phase AC motor utilizing a KL8001 and a Siemens contactor. The power terminal's Out1 output controls the Siemens contactor.

Application examples 1:
Application example: Motor control

Reversing contactor connection

The following figure illustrates a reversing contactor connection utilizing a KL8001 and two Siemens contactors. The power terminal's Out1 and Out2 outputs alternately control the two Siemens contactors.

Application examples 2:
Application example: Reversing contactor connection
Application examples 3:

Installation notes for reversing contactor connection

Application examples 4:
Siemens kit for reversing combination