Application example for DC


Risk of injury through electric shock and damage to the device!

Bring the Bus Terminals system into a safe, de-energized state before starting mounting, disassembly or wiring of the Bus Terminals!

Application example for DC 1:

Switch off the DC filter for DC measurements

Switch off the DC filters for the KL3403 (using the configuration software KS2000 or the register communication (register R32.4)) for measuring direct voltage and DC.

Power measurement at a fieldbus station

The example illustrates power measurement at three circuits of the fieldbus station. The terminal measures the:


Note rated current!

In the example, the special type KL3403-0010 is used with an extended current measuring range (5 A max.). The standard KL3403 type is not suitable for this application example because the current measuring range is too small (1A)!

Application example for DC 2:
Application example - power measurement at a fieldbus station