Temperature monitoring

The KL2531 and KL2541 stepper motor terminals feature integrated monitoring for the temperature monitoring inside the housing and the stepper controller chip.

Temperature warning

The bit SB.5 (warning) is set in the status byte if the temperature in the terminal housing reaches 80 °C. SB.5 is automatically reset when the temperatures falls below 60 °C again.

The current temperature inside the housing can be read from the temperature register R6.

Automatic shutdown

If the temperature exceeds 125 °C,

  • the stepper controller chip switches the motor off automatically. In addition:
  • the bit SW.8 (overtemperature) is set in the status word,
  • the LED error B flashes,
  • the bit SB.6 (error) is set in the status byte
    (Bit SB.6 of the status bytes can be reset by setting bit CB.6 in the control byte.)
Check temperature monitoring!

Check the temperature monitoring from your user program, if the KL2531 and KL2541 stepper motor terminals are operated at their performance limits!

Temperature diagram for the KL2541

The following diagram is applicable from hardware version 10 of the KL2541.

Temperature monitoring 1:
KL2541 - temperature inside the housing (worst case)

This diagram shows the temperature inside the housing (worst case) of the KL2541 at 55 °C ambient temperature and maximum motor current:

  • The x-axis shows the time in seconds.
  • The y-axis shows the temperature in °C.

The KL2541 is disabled up to the start of the temperature increase (t = 0 s). Then, a stepper motor is operated with 5 A.

Based on this diagrams the user can estimate how long the KL2541 can be operated at maximum ambient temperature and maximum load current, until the automatic switch-off feature of the stepper controller chip shuts down the motor automatically (125 °C).