FC510x - PCI cards for CANopen

FC510x Diagnostics

The FC510x CANopen fieldbus card makes extensive diagnostic facilities available for the input variables.

FC510x - diagnostic inputs


Is incremented after each firmware cycle. The PLC task can use this to establish whether new input data is being handled - if the cycleCounter has not been incremented since the last time the PLC task was called, the task time is too short.



The number of nodes whose state is not zero.



Current cycle time of the card firmware in 4/25 µs. Depends on the quantity of data and the bus loading.



Is set to 1 if new diagnostic data (such as emergency) has been placed in the card's memory.



Reserved for internal evaluations.



Last ADS error to have occurred. See also ADS Error Codes.



This counter is incremented if it was not possible to complete the card's firmware cycle before the highest priority linked task accessed the DPRAM again. In this case, the task does not receive any new input data, nor are new synchronous PDOs issued in the previous cycle. Because the CycleFailedCounter is not incremented until after the corresponding task start, it cannot be used for diagnostics within that task. It is recommended that the cycleCounter be used here, as it is not incremented in these cases.



Indicates the current bus loading in %.


General Diag

"General Diag" tab

The minimum and maximum bus load are also displayed on the General Diag tab in addition to the current bus load, as are the cycle time and the Failed Cycle Counter. In the example illustrated above, about 5000 CAN frames are handled each second, and a corresponding number of PDOs are sent. Because the firmware sends all the pending PDOs in each cycle, the firmware cycle time in this case primarily depends on the time required to transmit the PDOs.