Introduction 1:

EP4378-1022 | 4+4-channel analog input/output, U/I parameterisable, + 8-channel digital input/output, 24 V DC/3.0 ms

The EP4378-1022 EtherCAT Box provides a combination of four analog inputs and four analog outputs as well as eight digital inputs/outputs. The analog channels can be individually parameterised so that they process/generate signals either in the ±10 V or the 0/4 to 20 mA range. The resolution of the input signals is 16 bit depending on the sign. The voltage or output current is supplied to the process level with a resolution of 15 bit (default), electrically isolated. The digital channels can be used for reading binary sensors or controlling actuators according to the EN 61131-2, type 1/3 specifications. The inputs have a filter constant of 3 ms. The outputs process load currents up to 0.5 A and are both short-circuit proof and reverse-polarity protected. All output channels have a common ground potential. At the upper four M12 connections each, the following is available: an analog input, an analog output and a digital input/output, which is freely assignable without prior configuration, so that complex end devices such as frequency converters, hydraulic power units, motor drives or similar can be supplied using just one connection cable. At the lower four M12 connections a digital input/output is available each, freely assignable without configuration.

Misinterpretation of the measured values possible

In the factory setting the "Extended Range" mode is enabled.

In "Extended Range" mode the measuring range is slightly larger than the nominal measuring range. The value 0x7FFF corresponds to approximately 107% of the full scale value.

  • Take the increased measuring range into account when evaluating the measured values.
    See chapter --- FEHLENDER LINK ---.

  • Set the "Legacy Range" mode.
    See chapter: --- FEHLENDER LINK ---