Environmental conditions

Please ensure that the TwinSAFE components are only transported, stored and operated under the specified conditions (see technical data)!


Risk of injury!

The TwinSAFE components must not be used under the following operating conditions.

  • under the influence of ionizing radiation (that exceeds the level of the natural environmental radiation)
  • in corrosive environments
  • in an environment that leads to unacceptable soiling of the TwinSAFE component


Electromagnetic compatibility

The TwinSAFE components comply with the current standards on electromagnetic compatibility with regard to spurious radiation and immunity to interference in particular.
However, in cases where devices such as mobile phones, radio equipment, transmitters or high-frequency systems that exceed the interference emissions limits specified in the standards are operated near TwinSAFE components, the function of the TwinSAFE components may be impaired.