Fieldbus Components

Fieldbus Cards and Switches


Fieldbus Cards

FC200x - PCI cards for Lightbus
FC310x - PCI cards for PROFIBUS
FC510x - PCI cards for CANopen
FC750x - PCI cards for SERCOS
FC900x - PCI cards for Ethernet and EtherCAT



CU1128 - EtherCAT junction

CU2005 - 5 port switch for Ethernet
CU2008 - 8 port switch for Ethernet (replaces ES2008)
CU2208 - 8 port switch for Ethernet (Gigabit)
CU2016 - 16 port switch for Ethernet (replaces ES2016)

CU2608 - 8 port switch for Ethernet with IP67 protection class

ES20xx - 8 and 16 port switches for Ethernet (no longer available)


Furthermore documentation for Beckhoff Fieldbus Components may be found on our homepage ( under Download.

Additional information
FC200x - PCI Cards for Lightbus
FC310x - PCI Cards for PROFIBUS
FC510x - PCI Cards for CANopen
FC750x - PCI Cards for SERCOS
FC900x - PCI Cards for Ethernet
CU1128 | EtherCAT hub
CU20xx, CU22xx – Ethernet switch
CU2608 - 8-Port Ethernet switch
ES20xx - Ethernet Switches