Protect connectors against soiling

Protect all connections from contamination during module installation! Protection class IP65 can only be guaranteed if all cables and connectors are connected! Unused connections must be protected with the appropriate connectors! Connector sets see catalog.

Modules with narrow housing are installed with two M3 screws.
Modules with wide housing are installed with two M3 screws in the mounting holes in the corners or two M4 screws in the central fastening holes.

The bolts must be longer than 15 mm. The fastening holes in the modules have no thread.

Note when mounting that the overall height is increased further by the fieldbus connections. See the Accessories section.

Mounting Rail ZS5300-0001

The mounting rail ZS5300-0001 (500 mm x 129 mm) allows the time saving assembly of modules.

The rail is made of stainless steel, 1.5 mm thick, with already pre-made M3 threads for the modules. The rail has got 5.3 mm slots to mount it via M5 screws to the machine.

Fixing 1:
Mounting Rail ZS5300-000

The mounting rail is 500 mm long, that way 15 narrow modules can be mounted with a distance of 2 mm between two modules. The rail can be cut to length for the application.

Mounting Rail ZS5300-0011

The mounting rail ZS5300-0011 (500 mm x 129 mm) has in addition to the M3 treads also pre-made M4 treads to fix 60 mm wide modules via their middle holes.

Up to 14 narrow or 7 wide modules may be mixed mounted.