EJ8xxx - Signal-Distribution-Board for standard EtherCAT plug-in modules

Technical data - Signal distribution board

Technical data
Signal distribution board
PCB layer stack
Multilayer PCB, min. 4 layers
PCB thickness
1.6 mm ± 10 %
Board connector
Samtec: SSQ-120-01-L-D
Starting from the left:
Coupler, power supply module, EJ-modules
EJ1100 (2.2 A)
EJ1101-0022 + (EJ9400 (2.5 A) or EJ9404 (12 A))
CX + EK1110-0043
EJ9400 (2.5 A)
EJ9404 (12 A)
Air gap and leakage distances between E-bus- and field signals
typ. 1.2 mm
Differential impedance of the LVDS traces
100 Ω
SGND connection
via mounting bolts
Mounting hole distances
max. 100 mm
92 mm
Module depth above PCB
min. 55 mm
Distance between PCB and mounting surface
min. 4 mm
Mounting position
Damage to devices possible
Note the specifications and notes for the components used!