EJ3318 - 8-channel thermocouple input with open-circuit recognition

Power supply for the EtherCAT plug-in modules

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Power supply
A SELV/PELV power supply must be used to supply power for the EJ coupler and modules. Couplers and modules have to be connected to SELV/PELV circuits exclusively.

The signal distribution board should have a power supply designed for the maximum possible current load of the module string. Information on the current required from the E-bus supply can be found for each module in the respective documentation in section “Technical data“, online and in the catalog. The power requirement of the module string is displayed in the TwinCAT System Manager (see Current consumption of the EJ modules from the E-bus).


E-bus power supply with EJ1100 or EJ1101-0022 and EJ940x

The EJ1100 Bus Coupler supplies the connected EJ modules with the E-bus system voltage of 3.3 V. The Coupler can accommodate a load up to 2.2 A. If a higher current is required, a combination of the coupler EJ1101-0022 and the power supply units EJ9400 (2.5 A) or EJ9404 (12 A) should be used. The EJ940x power supply units can be used as additional supply modules in the module string.

Depending on the application, the following combinations for the E-bus supply are available:

E-bus power supply with EJ1100 or EJ1101-0022 + EJ940x

In the EJ1101-0022 coupler, the RJ45 connectors and optional ID switches are external and can be positioned anywhere on the signal distribution board, as required. This facilitates feeding through a housing.

The EJ940x power supply plug-in modules provide an optional reset function (see chapter Connection of the documentation for EJ9400 and EJ9404)


E-bus power supply with CXxxxx and EK1110-0043


The Embedded PC supplies the attached EtherCAT Terminals and the EtherCAT EJ Coupler

with a supply voltage of 24 VDC (-15 %/+20%). This voltage supplies the E-bus and the Bus Terminal electronics.
The CXxxxx units supply the E-bus with up to 2,000 mA E-bus current. If a higher current is required due to the attached terminals, power feed terminals or power supply plug-in modules must be used for the E-bus supply.
with a peripheral voltage Up of 24 VDC to supply the field electronics.

The EK1110-0043 EtherCAT EJ Coupler relays the following parameters to the signal distribution board via the rear connector:

the E-bus signals,
the E-bus voltage UEBUS (3.3 V) and
the peripheral voltage UP (24 VDC).
PCB with Embedded PC, EK1110-0043 and EJxxxx, rear view EK1110-0043