EJ2521-0224 - 1-channel pulse train output module 24 V DC

EJ2521-0224 - Technical data

Technical data
Connection technology
Pulse train (frequency output)
Number of outputs
1 channel (2 outputs A, B),
Number of capture/compare inputs/outputs
Load type
Ohmic, optocoupler, differential inputs
Distributed Clocks
Input specification
24 VDC
Output specification
5 V .. 24 VDC, external supply
Max. output current
1 A
Base frequency
0 .. 500 kHz, preset: 50 kHz
Max. 15-bit (16-bit + sign)
Reverse polarity protection
Power supply for the electronics
via the E-bus
Current consumption via E-bus
typ. 135 mA
Special features
Different modes, ramp function, travel distance control
Electrical isolation
500 V (E-bus/field voltage)
Permissible ambient temperature range during operation
0°C .. + 55°C
Permissible ambient temperature range during storage
-25°C .. + 85°C
Permissible relative air humidity
95 %, no condensation
Operating altitude
max. 2,000 m
Dimensions (W x H x D)
approx. 12 mm x 66 mm x 55 mm
app. 30 g
on signal distribution board
Pollution degree
Installation position
1 and 4
Color coding
Vibration / shock resistance
according to EN 60068-2-6/EN 60068-2-27 (with corresponding signal distribution board)
EMC immunity / emission
according to EN 61000-6-2/EN 61000-6-4 (with corresponding signal distribution board)
Protection class
EJ module: IP20
EJ system: dependent on the signal distribution board and housing
CE approval
The CE Marking refers to the EtherCAT plug-in module mentioned above.
If the EtherCAT plug-in module is used in the production of a ready-to-use end product (PCB in conjunction with a housing), the manufacturer of the end product must check compliance of the overall system with relevant directives and CE certification.
To operate the EtherCAT plug-in modules, they must be installed in a housing.