EJ2521-0224 - 1-channel pulse train output module 24 V DC

Mechanical position coding


The modules have two signal-specific coding pins on the underside (see Figs. B1 and B2 below). In conjunction with the coding holes in the signal distribution board (see Figs. A1 and A2 below), the coding pins provide an option for mechanical protection against incorrect connection. This significantly reduces the risk of error during installation and service.
Couplers and placeholder modules have no coding pins.

Mechanical position coding with coding pins (B1 and B2) and coding holes (A1 and A2)

The following diagram shows the position of the position coding with position numbers on the left-hand side. Modules with the same signal type have the same coding. For sample, all digital input modules have the coding pins at positions one and three. There is no plug protection between modules with the same signal type. During installation the module type should therefore be verified based on the device name.

Pin coding; sample: digital input modules