EJ2502 - 2-channel pulse width output module 24 V DC

EJ2502 - settings via the CoE directory

Parameterization via the CoE list (CAN over EtherCAT)
The EtherCAT device is parameterized via the CoE - Online tab (with a double click on the respective object) or via the Process Data tab (assignment of PDOs). Please note the following general CoE notes when using/manipulating the CoE parameters:
- Keep a startup list if components have to be replaced
- Differentiation between online/offline dictionary, existence of current XML description
- use "CoE reload" for resetting changes

The following CoE settings from the objects 0x80n0:0 (channel1:n=0; channel2: n=1) are reflected here in the default settings:

"CoE-Online" tab, taking the EJ2502 as an example
Changes in the CoE directory are in general immediately effective.
They are generally stored non-volatile only in the slave and should therefore be entered in the CoE StartUp list. This list is processed at each EtherCAT start and the settings are loaded into the slave.
Additional information
User Scaling
Channel synchronization (from firmware 10)