Installation positions


Constraints regarding installation position and operating temperature range

Please refer to the technical data for the installed components to ascertain whether any restrictions regarding the mounting position and/or the operating temperature range have been specified. During installation of modules with increased thermal dissipation, ensure adequate distance above and below the modules to other components in order to ensure adequate ventilation of the modules during operation!

The standard installation position is recommended. If a different installation position is used, check whether additional ventilation measures are required.

Ensure that the specified conditions (see Technical data) are adhered to!

Optimum installation position (standard)

For the optimum installation position the signal distribution board is installed horizontally, and the fronts of the EJ modules face forward (see Fig. Recommended distances for standard installation position). The modules are ventilated from below, which enables optimum cooling of the electronics through convection. “From below” is relative to the acceleration of gravity.

Installation positions 1:
Recommended distances for standard installation position

Compliance with the distances shown in Fig. Recommended distances for standard installation position is recommend. The recommended minimum distances should not be regarded as restricted areas for other components. The customer is responsible for verifying compliance with the environmental conditions described in the technical data. Additional cooling measures must be provided, if required.

Other installation positions

All other installation positions are characterized by a different spatial position of the signal distribution board, see Fig. Other installation positions.

The minimum distances to ambient specified above also apply to these installation positions.

Installation positions 2:
Other installation positions