App settings

In addition to the connection settings, general settings can be made for the app. These are described below.

App settings 1:




Keep Screen on

When activated, the mobile device screen will not turn off while the app is open.


Lock Application

If activated, the set secure route of the operating system is used in order to protect the app against unauthorized access (Face-ID, Touch-ID, Code, etc.)


Send Crash Reports

Emails are sent automatically to the Development Dept. in case of crashes.

Consent is requested here in the case of a new installation.

Data as Default Page

If activated, the Data tab is opened when opening a device, otherwise the Messages tab is opened.


Enable Generate QR Code Button

A button for generating a QR code is displayed on each page within a Device.


Toggle Booleans

If this setting is activated, Boolean variables can be switched directly by pressing the display field. If inactive, a selection dialog opens on pressing the variable.


Decimal Number Precision

Describes the number of decimal places to which REAL or LREAL values are rounded when displayed in the app. If a different value is defined on the PLC side for a single variable, the Decimal Number Precision for that variable is overwritten from the PLC.

This value is not set by default.

Smooth Line

When displaying a live graph, the curve of the graph is shown rounded off if this feature is activated.


Auto Panning

If activated, the graph is trimmed to a certain timespan.


Auto Panning Timespan

The timespan to which a graph is trimmed in the Live View.