Start more instances

Since version 1.12, multiple server instances can be started on one system. This function is included in the basic TF2000 license. The target and client licenses are shared among the server instances, so you need licenses for the sum of all connected targets or clients.

To start another server instance, proceed as follows:

1. Stop the service from the TwinCAT HMI Server (TcHmiSrv). You can do this in the Task Manager under the services:
Start more instances 1:
2. Navigate to the following folder on the system hard disk:
C:\ProgramData\Beckhoff\TF2000 TwinCAT 3 HMI Server\service.
3. Create a new folder for the additional server instance. The folder name specifies the name of the instance. The default instance has the name "TcHmiProject".
4. Start the service again via the Task Manager.
  • There are now multiple server instances initially running on the same port. Since this is not allowed, the ports must be changed.
5. Open the configuration page of the default server instance at TcHmiSrv - Web server and change the ports to free ports.
Start more instances 2:
6. Confirm the changes by clicking Accept at the bottom of the page.
7. Change the name of the instance at TcHmiSrv - General and confirm the changes by clicking on Accept. Enter the name you used for the folder name here.
Start more instances 3:
8. Repeat the procedure from steps 3 to 7 for additional server instances.
  • The server instances are now accessible via different ports.

In the future, a service management page will be provided in the TwinCAT HMI server which will make it easy to create further instances.


Available from version 1.12.