TcHmiEventlogger extension

When creating a new TwinCAT HMI project in the version 1.10, the TcHmiEventLogger extension is also loaded and is located in the project under the server node with the Extensions. In version 1.12 this must be installed via NuGet.

TcHmiEventlogger extension 1:


In the TwinCAT HMI Server configurations the EventLogger extension can be configured. There you can define the connections (Target Systems) with which the Engineering HMI Server (Publish Configuration: Default) or the Remote HMI Server (Publish Configuration: Remote) communicates. By default, the extension connects to the local TwinCAT 3 EventLogger (Local). Remote target systems can also be entered if the ADS route is configured.

TcHmiEventlogger extension 2:


One target license is counted per EventLogger. If an ADS connection is also configured with the same NetId, only one target license is counted.